Thursday, September 15, 2016

Art and Ambition - A Wish Upon an Eclipse

The most important wish of all is not to lose sight of one's dreams.

September 2016 is an eclipse season. Astrologers say that these constellations of sun and moon bring big changes, especially to the signs affected by them. Both the solar and the lunar eclipse in September are either in or opposite Virgo, the sun sign of this blog (as September 17th is its birthday) and my own ascendant. In other words: Apparently it's my chance to make wishes. This is why I decided to write this rather unusual post.

So what does an aspiring artist and blogger wish for?

Well, more readers for one. No matter whether one has only 1 or 1 million readers - one always wants more. The number of my blog readers has increased significantly during the past year, I got some wonderful feedback full of clever thoughts and I've come into contact with really interesting creative people. I wish this tendency to continue.

My next wish is even more important than the first: I want to get better at blogging. I want my English to continue improving, I want to be able to write better content, I want to learn how to structure my texts better and I want to have some really great ideas in the next year.

My third wish is to make a beautiful new design for Philosophy of Art. I really like the current one, even though - or rather: because - it's so outdated and cozy, but I can't see past the fact that it is far away from today's standards. I really hope I'll be able to make it a bit more modern and user-friendly but still keep the colours and atmosphere of the current one. I don't want one of those generic completely white designs, since there are so many of them out there already. Just a modernized version of the current one.

As for the wishes concerning my other projects, I really hope they'll all go well. I wish to improve my skills at writing prose and drawing, I wish to learn how to make better videos for my German YouTube channel, I wish for a successful launch of my German website I'm currently working on, I wish for a great continuation and finishing of the Autor oder Autorin? project I'm co-organizing.

However, most of all I wish for a peaceful real life that leaves me enough time and energy to work on myself as an artist and blogger. In a story of mine I made a character say: "A life for nothing is not worth living." For me, art is what I'm living for and one of my greatest fears is to lose track of my dreams and wishes. I manage to temporarily lose sight of these dreams even when I have every time in the world to follow them, so I suppose the greatest problem here is myself. This is why the most important wish of all is not to lose focus, to set my priorities right and to learn how to be an optimist. To learn not to be afraid of success and not to get depressed over failure. My greatest wish is to learn how to see more positivity. To become a stronger person. For only a truly strong person is able to make dreams become reality.

What do you wish for? Sadly, I'm not a fairy, so I can't make other people's wishes come true, but let's at least pretend it'll help if I wish for your wishes to come true as well. What is it you want to become reality? Share it in the comments!

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