Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Domain for "Philosophy of Art"?

I've been thinking about this ever since I started this blog: Yes, it's only a little, private blog, made just for fun and English practice, but I didn't like its current URL from the very start. Originally I wanted its address to be, yet this URL was already taken by someone who made only one or two posts and didn't touch his blog ever since.

I tried to come up with other names for this blog and had some pretty good ideas, but they all were already taken, so I decided to stick with "Philosophy of Art". Even though this title isn't very original and (as I later found out) many people have come up with this title or similar ones for their blogs, books and essays independently of each other, it still tells what this blog is supposed to be about.

Since I couldn't use my better ideas and was taken by someone who didn't even use it I simply used my username as URL. Which, unfortunately, is very hard to remember. And now I don't want to change it because of all the links to this blog.

 Driven by my monstrous megalomania, I was planning on giving this blog its own domain from the start. And since it means my URL is going to change anyway, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to use something else than my complicated nickname. After much thinking I decided the URL will be:

I was surprised it isn't taken yet, so if it's still free in two months I think I'm going to buy it. It's quite a pretentious domain for such a little blog as mine, but if nobody else wants it I'll take it. I'm sure such a domain will motivate me to do more for this blog. If this domain will be taken by then, well, I still have a plan B and C, so ... I think I'll manage, especially since I already used to own a domain a few years ago. With the only difference that I wasn't lazy back then and scripted the whole website with my very own hands and the basic Editor available on every Windows computer instead of using CMS.

However, there's one problem with the transition: Changing my URL means that some of my readers could lose track of this blog. I'm not sure if I'll find an elegant way to redirect my visitors to the new URL ... I'll try, of course, but if you want to stick with me it might be a good idea to follow me on one of the platforms listed in the right column or on Google+.

The transition is planned for July or August, maybe September, depending on what happens in my "real life" and when I'll decide to make a "summer break" on this blog.

So much for the news. Having mentioned my readers, I'd like to end this posting with a big "Thank you!" to everyone reading all this stuff I'm posting twice a month. There aren't many of you, but there are a few who seem to come back again and again, and this actually means a lot to me. So thank you very, very much!

Sincerely yours,
Feael Silmarien

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